Repainting our Historic Building Almost Complete

Repainting our Historic Building Almost Complete The repainting of our 118-year-old Depot, a San Leandro historic building, is almost complete! The contractor, Mark Miller Painting, expects that they’ll be all finished up by Friday, just in time for our June Meeting.  This meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd, at 7:30 PM.  We’ve been working to raise the money for this repainting project for several years, so now that the...

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If you’ve been to see us, you may have noticed that our Depot could use a face lift. Being in a public park in a suburban setting, we see our share of graffiti, unfortunately, and do our best to clean it up. Of course, that takes a toll on our paint. As does the normal seasons of wind, rain, and sun. Our depot is a registered historic landmark in San Leandro, moved to it’s current...

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