Turntable update on the HO display.

One of the large projects that was started recently was to replace the turntable in the Roseville area of the HO display.  We removed the old turntable as it had never worked very well and are in the process of installing a 130′ version from Walthers.  The decision was made to remove all of the track from the roundhouse due to them being slightly short for the new table.  Our open hours on Tuesday the 10th were quite successful as much of the new track is now ready to be wired and installed.  Of greater interest the turntable was finally successfully wired and tested.  All that remains is to complete the replacement of all the track, groundcover in the area, and (largest part of the project) repair and complete the roundhouse.  We are looking forward to be able to use our new turntable and roundhouse in future operation sessions, which will add quite a bit to the interest level of these sessions.

Stop by any Tuesday evening or Saturday during the day to see all of our recent progress on both the HO and the G&O displays.

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