Halloween – Spooky Smashing Success!

I want to thank everyone who helped make Sunday night’s Halloween show a spooky smashing success. The HO and G&O displays put on a great show. This was our first Halloween and night show. It couldn’t have been better.

We were swamped with visitors. Trisha did a wonderful job decorating the Depot. The HO display really looked wonderful with the dimmed lights, lighted buildings and the decorated trains. Some of the members loaded their their HO hopper cars with small lighted goblins and pumpkins. They looked great.

The G&O was decorated with lighted pumpkins and many lighted and animated Halloween buildings. We had a shooting gallery, a dead man’s mine, a pumpkin balloon ride, a haunted house, etc. Bill Alexander installed a lighted city.

The G & O gauge trains were decorated for Halloween with cargos of pumpkins, skeletons, and vampires. Some of them had haunting sound systems.

Pat, the Iceman, LaTorres brought a wolf’s head with red eyes overlooking the water feature. He transformed the water feature into the spooking river with blocks of dry ice. The water feature became a very scary display with the vapor flowing down the water fall and filling the entire valley.

Best of all, our visitors and our members had a wonderful time.


  1. william A says:

    I Ho, Heartedly agree with Joe, the Evening was a fun Success. The feeling of Commardery amongst all of us that participated was great. The visitors we had were also great, They really enjoyed themselves. It was a great success. It was alot of fun and we all had a share in it, Bill alexander

  2. william A says:

    This is the Second Time Fun Fun Running trains Its our Hobby. Bill A

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