G&O Outdoor Railway Open House

The G&O Outdoor Railway will be open on Sunday October 16, 2011 during the BAGRS’ East Bay District Tours.  Please subscribe to the “Trellis & Trestle” newsletter on the BAGRS website for more information.

The G&O Railroad is located at 1302 Orchard Avenue, in Thrasher Park, at the corner of Orchard Avenue and Davis Street, in San Leandro.

As many BAGRS members already know, the G&O Outdoor Railway is being built as a public display and will be open weekly, weather permitting, once it is completed.  It can operate both O gauge 3-rail and G gauge (including live steam) trains.

We are working to very hard to get the display ready for the tour.  Our work train crew has a lot to do as shown below.  This line was last used in June.

The San Leandro Historical Railway Society will also have a huge Train Sale during the open house to liquidate excess equipment, track and buildings.  Most of the  for sale items are G gauge.  This Train Sale is a chance to pick up some real bargains.  We will have trains in all scales available for sale.  All proceeds go to support the Society and the G&O.

We are looking forward to your visit during the BAGRS East Bay Tour!

  1. Kandace Phelka says:

    I really enjoyed your blog, will share it with my buddies, do you have any other material on this subject?

  2. Jame Comar says:

    Very nice article, Geoff. I really appreciate your in depth investigative work. I remember visiting Brooks with dad several times, and got to roll around in the bodiless chassis when the project was just getting started. I also got to hang around at the shop with my brother Greg when it was allowed, but it was a semi-hazardous environment with the air sparkling with tiny particles of fiberglass and a heavy resin smell. I’m not sure that our mother was a fan of exposing us to it!

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